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Everything Can Always be Made Better

Innovation doesn’t stop once we become experts. Becoming an expert can have serious consequences if you’re not careful. When you rely on your expertise, it’s easy to become complacent. And resistant to change.

No matter what level you achieve you should always be questioning yourself. Is the way you’ve always done something still the best? Often times. the ultimate solution for continued success lies on something far outside our circle of competence. For example, industries become outdated. A better typewriter, for example, will not achieve anything when the world is shifting to computers. The same can now be said for traditional desktop PC’s because the market is shifting to laptops and mobile.

Indeed, it’s important to continuously be studying your closest competitors. That said, disruptive technologies can affect your business even when they’re outside your industry. This is how Apple became a dominant force in the music industry. Samsung, being a large conglomerate, has become a leader in mobile computing through manufacturing Android phones. Traditional computer manufacturers including Dell and HP could have been big players in mobile.

A disruptive technology is generally a breakthrough that causes a revolution within an industry. This causes many new entrants to strike it rich while many established businesses go bankrupt. As stated earlier, this breakthrough often comes from companies that were outside of the industry being disrupted. Or, they had not traditionally been a direct competitor.

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