Another Housing Development In Las Vegas. Really?

Being “ground zero” in the real estate crash, a new 7,000 residential development with a business park has been planned. In addition, this new development will take place near Red Rock Canyon – which is one of the only outdoor recreation areas near the Las Vegas metro area. The Climbing Narc blog states:

Other than the fact that this development seems illogical given the current status of the Vegas economy, it would have a direct impact on the outdoor experience of any and all users of Red Rock. claims:

The plan does not honor the land use and zoning plans for the area. Nor does the plan honor the local, state and national commitments that led to the creation of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, an area near and dear to Las Vegas that has become world renown for it’s hiking, rock climbing, cycling, nature walks, photography, and natural tourist draw.

This concept plan also defies reason and economics, asks commissioners to jump the Las Vegas infrastructure five miles from what is readily available, adds 7,000 more homes in Southern Nevada when 20,000 homes sit vacant, proposes major competition to our local university system, and adds 20,000 or more people in an area of drought.

The decision to allow this is a poor one – both from a business standpoint and an environmental one. The homes that will be built will be of the more expensive variety. This comes at a time in which expensive homes are taking up an increasingly larger chunk of foreclosures.

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