FROM vs. TO in Financial Freedom

The Financial Philosopher blog had an interesting post in reference to the two different types of freedom.

“Freedom from” is described as a “negative freedom and it is based in fear because it is sought as relief from uncertainty or from restrictions placed on the individual by society (other people) and/or institutions (e.g. government, financial creditors). The pursuit of freedom from can paradoxically reduce or remove one’s freedom.”

“Freedom to” is “the healthy form of freedom because it is the form where the individual obtains the capacity to be creative, to act as the authentic self. When one obtains the means to be authentic, they are enabled to reach the highest form of productivity because their actions are purposeful and meaningful; thus the actions are self-feeding and self-radiating; therefore, the individual is happy by virtue of doing — they are free because they are acting as the authentic self, not because of a certain or pre-defined amount of financial capacity.”

The author believes that you can’t accomplish “freedom to” until you have accomplished “freedom from.”  You can read the full post here:

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