When to Advertise Your Tax Practice

If you’re a tax professional, don’t assume that the only time customers look for your services is during tax season. When it’s not tax season, I continue to place a huge emphasis on marketing. In fact, I can focus more on marketing my business because I have ample time since I’m not overwhelmed with working.

It is a common mistake I see among other tax professionals who eliminate their advertising budgets and put no time into networking/marketing. There is still a lot going on from May until the end of the year. People have IRS problems, businesses are on fiscal years, and many people file extensions. In fact, I have obtained some of my best customers in the off-season.

If you are starting out or have a tight advertising budget, you should be spending your time networking and building relationships. This will pay off over the long run.

Only through testing will you be able to best allocate capital for advertising. If you don’t try new creative things, you will have no way of knowing what works best for you. That said, I didn’t realize how many people look for a tax preparer in the middle of the summer until I started using Google Adwords and SEO after establishing an online presence. By this point, I had been in this profession for 20 years!

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